Monday, 1 May 2017

New Educational Adventures


I'm thrilled to be embarking on a new educational journey as I embrace 'semi-retirement' from Day School and pursue my interest in experiential learning through international travel.  Over the course of the next few years I will be sharing information about international travel learning opportunities for students (and staff) that I know are hugely impactful for anyone who embarks on similar great adventures.

One company that offers fantastic learning programs for high school students is Blyth Academy.  Many may already be familiar with Blyth however if you're not.....check them out (  OR e-mail at  Blyth offers a tremendous variety of learning opportunities via their International Summer Program, and for those looking for a full year experience their Global High School screams adventure and experiential learning.

This summer I will be working as a Program Manager for their July Costa Rica Program - a 24 day learning opportunity in a fantastic Central American country.  Students on this program will be enrolled in one of six-eight Grade 11 or 12 high school courses ranging from Biology and English to Advanced Functions or Recreation and Leadership.  Days will be comprised of both classroom and out of classroom time exploring Costa Rica and the surrounding region via organized activities as well as through personal exploration in small groups by the students themselves.

I am a huge supporter of international travel study as a life changing learning opportunity for any young person.  Getting away from whatever 'bubble' you currently reside in....and walking the streets, soaking up the sights and sounds of another nation, is enriching and life changing for a high school aged student.

Over the course of the next few posts I'll share some information about other opportunities that exist for any high school student.  I hope you'll do some searching and engage in conversations with either your parents or your students.  For now here are a few links to a variety of companies/schools that offer opportunities that range from one week to a full school year.  Have fun checking them out...

International High Schools (Canadian HS):

Neuchatel Junior College -

Canadian College Italy -

International Experiential Leaning:

Blyth Academy -

EF Education -

More to follow.....but for now.....get outside and open your eyes to the world!!!

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