Wednesday, 25 November 2015

.....Second Term...

As we approach the colder December weather it is a great time to stop, pause, and reflect on the passing of the mid point in Semester One.  Last week Mid Term Report Cards were sent home (Friday, November 20th) and - for the most part - our students continue to produce excellent results.

Over the past week our Student Success Teacher and our Student Services staff have been reviewing achievement results and, in combination with Administrators, are contacting those students who have struggled (in one or more subject areas) over the first term.  These meetings will be expected to provide support, guidance, and direction for any student who continues to experience challenges or difficulty with their course work.  Please do not hesitate to follow up personally should you have any questions or concerns about your child's report card results.

Peace Week

Last week saw a number of activities working in support (and in partnership with the YMCA) of Peace Week.  Our students were out in force (in the Atrium) promoting a variety of school and community organizations working to support families in crisis in many nations across the globe.  In light of recent events our Peace Week activities helped students consider the tragic loss of life not only in Paris, but in Beirut, Japan, Lebanon, ......the list goes on......

We were very fortunate to host a guest speaker for our Grade 11 students last week as well.  Zac Ebrahim, author of The Terrorist's Son: A story of choice, spoke to a silent audience for over 45 minutes.  Zac recounted his life story and the amazing difficulties he experienced as a result of his father's life choices.  I'm sure I speak for all who were present in the Theatre when I say - it was a fantastic and amazingly heartfelt message.  I wish we could have had Zac remain at OTHS for another hour so that he could connect with our Grade 12 students as well.

Check out his story here:

Upcoming School Wide Assembly

We are very excited to be welcoming Anthony McLean to OT next Monday!  Anthony is a nationally recognized author and public speaker and he will be speaking to our entire school around the chronic challenge of Bullying and Harassment.

Anthony has connected with our Safe Schools Action Team and together they've mapped out some of the challenges faced by OT students.  We're excited to welcome Anthony to speak to our entire school population with a focus on local challenges experienced by OT kids.

Here are a couple of links to learn more about Anthony McLean.

Updates for Parents and Students

Protected Learning Time:  December 14th - January 27th, 2016

Beginning on Monday, December 14th and running straight through until the end of the semesters is what we call 'protected learning time'.  During this period all Field Trips and school-wide events are curtailed so that students may focus their attention on the final 4 weeks of classes.  During this final 4 week period staff will be conducting 'the final 30' which includes multi-day performance tasks or summative projects.  Staff do try to space these performance task days out over the four week period (and we have an in-school 'summative' calendar to try to ensure greater balance), however this will be a time of increased stress and anxiety for some of our students.

Parents - Student absences for any Final Performance Task will require contact with an Administrator.  Many of these tasks are worth 10-15% of a final grade and we consider them to be equal in importance to a final exam.  Unexplained absences during this period are not acceptable to the school.  Please do your best to communicate immediately should there be a problem with attending school during this time period.

Final Exams are scheduled months in advance.  While we recognize that family vacations are important events.....please do not schedule them during this busy time of the school year.  All students are expected to write final exams as scheduled.  If there is any cause to adjust a student's schedule parents are asked to please contact Ms. Cammisuli (VP) in order to address concerns.

Inclement Weather

As we enter a period of greater uncertainty regarding our weather all families are reminded to take great care when entering and exiting the parking lot.  Please slow down....and be safe.

The Halton District School Board does maintain weather alerts on their Main Page and if we do have any foul weather please check there first.  Radio 680 am also have a great process for updating residents regarding any school or bus cancellations.

Let's hope the snow stays away (at least in Oakville) for another few weeks!

Thank you very much for your continued support of Oakville Trafalgar High School.

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