Wednesday, 9 September 2015

..and we're off and running !!!

Welcome back !!!!

Despite the extremely warm weather I'm sure you're already wondering where that summer vacation went.  Our opening couple of days have been hectic with new grade 9's connecting with their Link Crew Leaders on day one and all of our other students settling in to classes.

As you can imagine there is a lot of 'settling in' happening here at school.  Our new grade 9's coupled with five brand new teachers and one new Vice Principal makes for a large number of folks getting comfortable here at school  When you add in the six teaching staff returning from leaves it means lots of adjustments for adults and students as well.  I sure hope things are settling in for your family as your kids head back to school for the 2015-16 school year.

Some Key Early September Dates:

Thurs., September 10th - Opening Parent Council Meeting (Staff Room at 7:00 p.m.)
Friday, September 11th - Photo Day
Thurs., September 17th - Grade 9 "Meet the Teacher" Night
                                       - Club Fair (Lunch periods)

New Staff
Ms. Shawn McRae - Vice Principal.  Ms. McRae joins us after a number of years as Principal of James W. Hill PS.  We're thrilled to have the benefit of her experience - especially with our grade 9 students - and look forward to learning with her over the years to come.
Ms. Jaunna Beattie - Ms. Beattie joins our Math and Science Departments following some years at Nelson High School in Burlington.
Ms. Sheila Maheshwari - Ms. Maheshwari joins our Science Department following a stint up at Georgetown District High School.
Ms. Jayeon Kang and Ms. Victoria Socha- Ms. Kang and Ms. Rocha are joining our Music Program this year working with our full year 9th credit music classes.
Ms. Mary Loeffler - Ms. Loeffler is joining our Moderns department.  She brings with her a host of teaching experience from Appleby College.

Returning Staff
Welcome back....
Ms. Leticia Bottema; Ms. Betty Farquharson; Ms. Michelle Liou; Ms. Chandni Chaudhary; Ms. Allison Proctor; and Ms. Melina Spyropoulos.


Many of our Fall Sports have begun their training and tryouts with meetings this week.  If your son or daughter is interested please encourage them to try out for something that matches their passion and interest.  Although we'd like to have unlimited numbers on our teams it's just not possible.  Many teams have an open membership (meaning if you keep going to practice they'll keep you on the team) however others have limited rosters and so 'cuts' will be made.  Encourage your child to keep the coach in the loop regarding any concerns, challenges, etc. around your continued participation.

Typically the following sports occur in the Fall:

Boys - Varsity Football; Junior and Senior Volleyball; Golf; and Cross Country

Girls - Junior and Senior Field Hockey; Junior and Senior Basketball; Golf; and Cross Country

Connect with Mr. Gruber in the Healthy Active Living/Physical Education department office if you have any questions or concerns with connecting with a coach.

NOTE:  If you are an interested, and qualified/certified, coach (in any sport) we are always open to connecting with you to see if there might be a way for you to help our our Co-curricular Program.  As you can imagine there are some rules, etc. to follow......but we'd love to talk to you about your interest.  Historically OTHS has always had a few community coaches however this need has increased in the past four/five years

Other School Activities

On the 17th we will be conducting a Club Fair in the Atrium.  Over both lunch hours Clubs will set up a booth or display to highlight their specific club.  This is a great way for your child to express their interest in becoming involved in our greater community.


This Thursday (sorry for the short notice) we will host our opening Parent Council meeting here at the school at 7:00 p.m.  Our opening meeting allows for all parents to express their interest in participating with us over the school year.  We really have a philosophy of "if you come to the meetings you ARE a member of our Parent Council'.
This year we are going to try hard to make our meetings a bit more efficient and streamlined with Committee Reports and Updates being prepared by smaller groups.  Our meetings will normally run for 90 minutes however.....we've been known to run over !!!
Feel free to attend whether you're a new OT parent or if it's your final year!

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