Friday, 22 May 2015

Relay; Prom; and other school activities..

Relay for Life

Relay for Life is set to go on Friday, May 29th, 2015.  Thank you very much to our Relay Committees for all of their tremendous work this year.  We have over 150 students working hard, behind the scenes, to make Relay a reality.

Thank you also to our general student population for the overwhelming participation in the upcoming Relay.  To date I believe we have almost 1,000 (of 1,200) students set to participate.  We're expecting an amazing evening (come on weather!!!).

By the way.....Relay is ON rain or shine!


On Wednesday, May 20th OTHS held the Prom at Liuna Station in Hamilton.  Over 350 students and 18 staff had a fantastic night.  The students looked amazing and the entire night was a great success.

Special thank you to Ms. Barb Pickard and the student committee that organized the entire event (Hannah, Donna, Sam, Lily, and Breanna did an awesome job).

At our Grad Breakfast we circulated a small survey for students to provide feedback on the event.  Early feedback has been very positive however there are always things (the DJ; the location; the date, etc.) that are great to review and adjust accordingly.

Based on our great success this year with Semi-Formals and now a successful Prom I'm sure we'll be looking at more school-sponsored events next year.

Way to go Class of 2015 !!!

Approaching the final stretch.....

The end of May usually brings great weather and students love to spend time outside on their lunch and after school.  The end of May also signals the approaching end of another semester....and with that....the crush of Summative Projects; final unit tests and assignments; and also the approaching Final Exams.

For all students, but especially for those in their senior years this time period can be very stressful.  In order to minimize stress students are reminded to follow a few simple rules: a) attend every class - you never know when a teacher might share that final piece of helpful information; b) Submit every assignment - this seems fairly simple...right?; c) remember to communicate fully with your teachers around your personal schedule - not every student has the same degree of commitments at this time of year; d) begin to organize yourself for the final weeks of school - map out your school requirements and consider reducing the number of shifts you take at your part time work; and e) search for some balance between the school work you must complete and your personal health - get out and exercise, or read for pleasure, in order to maintain some balance.

Good luck with the final push.  You can do it!

Athletics update

Our spring season is quickly nearing completion.  Congratulations to our athletes involved in Tennis; Soccer; Track and Field; and Rugby.  Once again OT has teams competing (and winning) in Halton Championships and moving on to Regional competitions with our GHAC schools.

Special thanks to all of our spring coaches who have donated so much of their own time to help support, manage, and coach our school teams.

Look for our Rugby teams to compete in OFSAA championships in a couple of weeks (June 3-6th).

Arts Update

On Thursday, May 7th OT's Musical Talent took to the stage for their annual Spring Concert.  A great night was had by all.  Special thanks to our staff marshalls who helped ensure a smooth transition between acts.  To Mr. Clarke and Ms. Chow - thank you both for your generosity and spirit in leading the music program all year.  We continue to expect to see greater things in the years to come from the hundred (and some) students who performed this spring.

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