Monday, 15 December 2014

Happy Holidays !!!!

On behalf of everyone here at Oakville Trafalgar High School I want to wish everyone a healthy and happy holiday!  Merry Christmas !  Please enjoy the next two weeks with family and friends.  If you're not able to connect with family in person I do hope you'll have a chance to grab some quiet, personal time for yourself.  In these days of rushing here and there it never seems like we get the chance to take care of our own health.

Senior Winter Wonderland

Just last Wednesday (December 10th) our Red Devils Council hosted a senior formal for Grade 11 and 12 students.  The night was a resounding success!!!  Not only did the kids look amazing but their behaviour was fabulous as well.  I'm very proud of our senior kids for making great choices and participating in a school-sponsored formal event that went off without a hitch.

The staff that supervised were unanimous in their comments regarding the event.  I feel quite strongly that our success last week will carry forward as we plan for a school sponsored Prom (which, for those new to OTHS, has NOT been a school event for the past 3 years).  I have confidence that many staff will agree this group of seniors has demonstrated their ability and personal responsibility and are more than capable of behaving appropriately at a school sponsored formal event.

Way to go OT !!!  If you have a senior in your home please congratulate them for me!

15th Week Reports

Last week we sent out 15th Week Reports (via e-mail) for any student who was struggling in a class.  If you received a report...thank you for encouraging your son/daughter to follow-up with their teacher in order to ensure a successful completion to that particular course.  We continue to offer lots of opportunities for students to complete work or to receive assistance in advance of our formal exams.  Keep working hard right through to the end of the semester OT !

Happy New Year !!!

As we prepare for 2015 I wanted to share a few reminders about the final month of Semester One. Semester One classes conclude on Wednesday, January 21st.  Exams commence on the 22nd and will run through the 27th.

NOTE:  If we were to receive a snow day during the Exam Block (22nd - 27th) there would be a MAKE-UP Day on Wednesday, January 28th.  A synermail message will be forthcoming in order to remind people of our approach IF inclement weather develops.  Families may also check the board web site for our HDSB inclement weather process (for any winter weather regardless of the date).

Here are some key dates for the next couple of months:

January 5         School resumes
January 8         Parent Council Meeting
January 22       Exams Begin
January 29       Exam Review Day
January 30       PA Day
February 2       Sememster Two begins
February 13     PA Day
February 16     Family Day Holiday

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