Friday, 10 October 2014

#4 - ....rolling into Fall

With the Thanksgiving weekend holiday fast approaching it's amazing to think we've already completed one month of a new school year!  Before another week goes by I want to remind all families of a simple slogan that has been used here at school for the past couple of years: "Everybody, every day!"

As busy as we all can get with work load expectations; community activities and club sports; or even with part time jobs, it is amazing to see how absenteeism eats away at student success in high school.  Thank you for your continued efforts to ensure that your child is attending school each and every day......for each and every period.  There will always be times when an absence cannot be avoided and we will continue to work with all students who may be forced to miss a class; a full day; or even a week.  That being said every missed class adds a level of challenge for even the strongest, most motivated student.

Thank you for encouraging your child to continue communicating with their Teacher throughout the semester regarding any difficulty or challenge that may develop.  Open communication will help avoid challenging and stressful situations that could develop around heavy evaluation periods.  Access Teacher websites to stay up to speed with all classroom expectations (especially key dates for assignments, tests. and quizzes).

Our first Parents' Night is quickly approaching.  Thursday, October 16th will provide parents with an opportunity to check in with their child's progress to date.  Although it is early in a semester we really enjoy the opportunity to connect with parents at this point in time - especially if there are concerns emerging.  Parents' Night is held at the end of the first third of a semester so there is an abundance of time to address concerns and remedy any early struggles.

Teachers will have between 5 and 10 minutes to meet with individual families.  If you believe more time is required please don't hesitate to exchange contact information with a Teacher and set up a follow-up appointment at a mutually convenient date and time.  I look forward to meeting many parents on the 16th.

Key Dates in October
  • October 3rd      5th Week Reports - emailed to all Gr.9's + Gr.10's-12's who are experiencing challenges over the first month
  • October 10th    PD Day (no school)
  • October 15th    Post Secondary Information Fair
  • October 16th    Parents' Night (6:30-9:00 pm)

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