Monday, 8 September 2014

Post #2 - A great first week !!!

September 8, 2014

Last week wrapped up with a fantastic Club Fair in the Atrium during both lunch hours.  Multiple clubs set up displays and shared their enthusiasm and passion for a host of activities ranging from our fabulous Robotics Club to new clubs like the Manga Club and Sailing Club.  It was a great opportunity for our grade 9 students to see just how much opportunity exists for 'getting involved' in the club culture at Oakville Trafalgar.  Please check with your son, or daughter, and ask if they have found a club of interest.

Our Student Services department has been scrambling all week to help students set schedules that match their interest and ability level.  Thank you to Mr. Pope and the whole Student Services team for their diligence and commitment to kids.

It looks like our Athletic Teams are starting to take shape.  It was looking touch and go for a couple of days as Mr. Gruber worked the staff room to ensure that OT continued to field teams in all fall sports.  I have even signed Mr. Sampson, Ms. Cammisuli, and myself up to coordinate the Golf Team!!!  I'm hoping the players have their games in shape (to withstand our coaching!).  Competition should be getting underway in all sports by next week and we're all looking forward to another excellent season by Red Devil teams.  Thank you to our student athletes and to the staff who spend upwards of 6-10 hours per week over the course of their season working on a sport they love.

Mr. Curtis has been encouraging students to join in with the OTHS Concert Band as well as some other ensembles.  It will be great to hear our talented musicians over the course of the year.  OTHS has also been able to hire Ms. Kendra Chow to teach our full year Vocal Music class.  Ms. Chow is very well regarded across the board and together with Mr. Curtis I know that OTHS Music is in wonderful shape.

As classes begin to develop, and the weeks begin to roll together, I encourage all families (veterans and rookies alike) to continue asking your son/daughter "how was school today?"  As a parent of a teen myself I know that this is usually met by a one or two word answer however it is important to ask.  Additionally I would encourage you to not hesitate to check in on our teacher web sites as they contain a great deal of information (calenders, test dates, lesson notes, etc.) that will help every student stay on top of their school work.

For any parent interested in becoming a member of our Parent Council I would like to invite you to our Information Evening this coming Thursday at 7:00 p.m.  We will meet in the Staff Room to review last year and coordinate the process for this coming school year.

Our first formal communication home will occur at our 5th Week Reports (October 3).  All grade 9 students will receive a 5th Week Report (a very early indication of a student's progress to date).  For students in Grade 10, 11, and 12 reports are mandatory for any student who has a grade of less than 60% (other reports may be e-mailed home at the discretion of the teacher).  These early reports are a quick snapshot of the few assessments or projects that are completed in September and are meant as an early check-in.  In this way we work to proactively correct early warning signs before they become significant challenges.

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