Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Opening Week....

September 2, 2014

Welcome to a new school year!
I am very excited to be joining the OTHS community and have heard many excellent comments about the students, staff, and parent support for education from Ms. Hunt-Gibbons and from Mr. Bert O'Hearn.

The school year officially kicked off this morning with our new grade 9 students meeting their senior Link Leaders, and staff sponsors, for some fun welcome activities.  Returning students filed in to start a condensed schedule with 45 minute classes at 11:45 a.m..  Full days begin on Wednesday and we're looking forward to a smooth transition from summer holidays.

Some special thanks to our wonderful office staff who have spent the better part of the last three weeks getting ready for our opening day.  As well thank you to the Student Services department for their extra work last week as they helped with new registrations as well as with scheduling issues for returning students.

As you can imagine this week will be a busy one for your student.  Fall athletic teams have begun their tryouts and we'll soon see Clubs and Council activities pick up.  Students with a passion for the arts will begin to hear about plans for various Music and Drama ensembles and productions in the weeks to come.

The Red Devil Council has a number of events planned for this year and we encourage all students to look for a way to become involved in school activities outside of the classroom.  Following your passion (whatever that might be) is a sure fire way to increase your enjoyment of high school.

- This year we are going to try to minimize interruptions of class time via 'all call' announcements and other regular distractions.  If you are dropping off something in the main office for your student we will endeavour to contact them as quickly as possible.  Thank you for sending them a text/bbm/etc. to let your child know that you have dropped something off for them in the office.
- Our online pre-registration process was not as successful as we hoped (less than 30%).  As a result we will likely have to send home a few reminders over the opening week(s) in order to gather all of the required student/family information needed.

Upcoming School Events:
Friday, September 5 - Photo Day
Thursday, Sept. 11 - School Council Information Meeting
Thursday, Sept. 18 - Grade 9 Program Night
Thursday, Sept. 25 - Awards Night and Newcomers Night
Friday, September 26 - Honour Roll Breakfast

Thank you for your continued support.


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